The Web Design Bandwagons You Should Have Joined in 2014

2014 was a powerful time for businesses who took advantage of the year’s new design trends. While some hot trends were all glitz and will soon fade into internet history, some trends are here to stay.

If you haven’t yet jumped on these new web design ideas and implemented them on your own site, I highly recommend you do so soon to make sure you’re keeping up with visitor expectations.

Mobile Responsiveness

Technically, this trend began sooner, but 2014 was the year when the scales tipped and it became ultra-important.

Why? The growth of mobile, especially mobile email.

With email marketing continuing to hold steady as a powerful and reliable marketing tool, it’s vital that your website offers a great experience for visitors clicking through to your website from emails (you are driving traffic back to your website, aren’t you?).

Clean and Simple

The fact of the matter is that visitors simply don’t have time for clutter. With so much information to comb through and gather, visitors are making snap decisions about where to find what they’re looking for.

If your website layout and styles confuse rather than delight, you’ll see your visitors leave in larger numbers in 2015.

Focus on removing the unneccessary design elements and focus on improving the editorial and visual elements on your content. Make it about what the visitor needs, and less about every little thing you wish you could cram into one page.

Content as an Experience

For all but the top content producers with their deeply loyal audiences, catching and keeping attention is a daily challenge.

Effective design is now about supporting the content and optimizing for the user experience.

Remember: If you think a design choice is cool and fun, but gets in the way of the visitor engaging with what really matters (your content), get rid of it.

Not all trends are created equal. The debate continues on trends like Parralax or Flat Design, but the trends pointed out above are here to stay and will become even more important in 2015.

What were your favorite trends of 2014? Leave a comment below.

Written by Bobby Kegley

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