3 Ways To Fire Up Your Marketing This Month

Fire Up Your Marketing

Did you go into the new year with great intentions – did you plan to go bigger, grow faster, do more? Old habits die hard, so it’s important to take a look at how the year has started and make adjustments if you’ve fallen back into old ways.

To make sure you’re hitting the mark and zooming towards your marketing goals this year, check out these three tips that will help your marketing make the most of 2015.

#1. Make It About Them

Nothing ignites the motivations in your audience more than hearing about their own wants and needs. Make sure you talk to your audience about themselves and how they’re going to get what they want (…as long as they do business with you).

I say this all the time, but the “YOU” mindset is truly the cornerstone of a successful marketing strategy. If your marketing materials aren’t speaking directly to the reader about the reader, you aren’t engaging them.

Plus, it’s important to understand who “they” are. Make sure your copy and visuals align with where your prospect is in the marketing funnel and speak to them in that moment.

#2. Make It About Today

Time is a fascinating continuum; I’m not the exact same person I was yesterday, and I’ve progressed a step forward or possibly even (but hopefully not) a step backward.

Remember that your audience exists on this timeline as well – they may be at a different stage in their life and business depending on the day and you need to be sure to talk with them in their TODAY, not their yesterday or tomorrow.

Not sure what I mean? Imagine that yesterday I considered whether I should find a new Friday night date spot. Today I find a moment to do a bit of online research and discover a few that look appealing. Tomorrow I plan to call a few of the restaurants to learn more about them and finally decide where to go this Friday.

At all points on this timeline I’ve been a potential customer in the market for a local restaurant, but each day my information needs have been very different. Make sure that your marketing reaches those who are at each stage of this process.

#3. Make It About One Thing

Say more by saying less. I see too many websites or promo materials that are overloaded with junk; remember that your reader is just as busy as you are and need you to keep it super simple.

Hone in on your EXACT message and spend the time removing filler words. Apple’s “Think different” says more in two words than many companies do with two hundred.

Finally, make the font easy to read and make sure the message is easy to spot amid their noise. They’ll be happy you aren’t wasting their time, and you’ll be happy they take notice.

There are plenty other ways to improve your marketing this month, but these three tips will help make your business more relevant and get you stuck in the minds of your audience.

Written by Bobby Kegley

Bobby specializes in helping small businesses exceed their online marketing goals. Whether you need your website redesigned or marketing strategy overhauled, Bobby will make it happen.

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