Who is This Guy?

The Short Story

I love small businesses. If I had the time and energy to help every single one of them use marketing and the web to become a growth engine, I would. If you own or work for a small company that needs help navigating the web and all its marketing potential, let me know.

The Longer Story

I like to joke that Digital Marketing is a little bit of everything I wanted to be when I grew up. It’s part video game designer, part filmmaker, part psychologist, part cartoon artist, part writer. Marketing is a wellspring of creative work that constanty challenges and excites me.

In high school I befriended a guy who called himself an ‘avant garde’ film artist, which in reality just meant a lot of music videos of him driving down streets or walking around suburbia. But through that connection and getting the chance to use his expensive video camera, I fell in love with filming videos. High school me thought that this meant I should become a Hollywood director, and so off to California and college I went to study Film Production. Screw those pessimists and their concerns about the real world application of such a degree – I was going to leave my mark!

But, as the story so often goes, I discovered what I truly enjoyed in college. It wasn’t being the Director I liked so much as it was directing and managing. I realized I didn’t love cinema the same way as my zany, film buff peers did. What I really loved was content that engaged, that told a story and made me glad it had been created. Really, I discovered that I loved *creative* production, rather than Film Production.

It was around this time that I stumbled into a Marketing internship. I didn’t know what Marketing was – heck, I didn’t even really understand business (remember, I was an artist for a while there). I had taught myself most of the Adobe Suite software in high school, and as a millenial I sorta understood social media, and that was enough to get me started. I read marketing books like a madman, and worked daily to hone both my skills and my understanding of the complex web that makes up Marketing.

Now, years later and with several successful projects under my belt (and okay, I’ll admit, some not so successful), I can say with the pseudo-wise clarity of a 20-something that Digital Marketing is where I belong. It’s fun, creative, challenging, and I get to solve new problems every day. What’s not to love?